About us

Founded in 2002 aimed at the production of innovative supplies and services for the flexible packaging printing industry, Cylitec started its activity manufacturing lightweight cylinders and metal sleeves for rotogravure printers, then successfully entered the field of flexography manufacturing rollers and epoxy-based rigid sleeves, elastomer-based flexible rollers, lamination rollers and, in general, products and services related to the flexible packaging industry, becoming a clear market leader in the country with a strong presence in the region.

The outstanding work team in the area of Research & Development, coupled with specific tools and precision equipment, places the company at the head of its sphere of influence.

We have developed a dynamic working capacity ready to address demanding challenges with quick response. Through our continuous improvement plan, we adapt our products to meet the new demands emerging from a very active industry in terms of change and innovation, allowing our customers to get updated products and services and meet high technological standards required by this flexible packaging industry.

Lightweight Printing Rollers – in all its varieties – Rollers with axis,    Sleeves (flexible center hollow rollers) with rigid or elastic surface, and specific Devices used in the manufacturing of flexible packaging.

  • To be an outstanding company in research, development and implementation of innovative products and processes in the flexible packaging field.
  • To become a leader in the region and have presence in as many countries as possible.
  • To be committed to circular economy at any time by reducing environmental pollution.
  • To ensure the well-being of the work team and the whole community our activity may reach.
  • To focus mainly on our customer, understanding that our relationship does not finish with the sale of a good product or service but it is the construction of a long-term bond in which our end customers experience from our team a safe and reliable source to remove doubts and solve problems. To be a partner supplier that accompany our customers in their process of development and technological innovation helping with our experience.

Cylitec has a strong commitment to the planet care, for that reason we have established procedures aimed at significantly reducing pollution. The greatest contribution in this aspect is the restoration of rollers and sleeves to prevent them from being discarded in the environment when they do not function correctly due to dimensional deviations or accidental damage.

We guarantee that these restored rollers and sleeves have the same performance than a new one and, consequently, their service life is doubled or tripled granting great economic and logistic advantages for the customer. In addition, this implies the customer satisfaction of being cooperating with the environment by minimizing pollution, under the concept of circular economy which points to a green planet.

We are committed to carrying out our industrial and commercial activities with high ethical value and transparency.

To carry out our activity in compliance with the current labor, civil, environmental laws and regulations.

Respect, honesty, responsibility, cordiality, solidarity and teamwork are some of the values we foster and encourage to be a hallmark of the people that are part and work in Cylitec.