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A major commitment of Cylitec team is to provide our customers with a solid post-sales service and share our experience in areas related to the printing segment.

We offer repair service for used cylinders and sleeves that, still being in good conditions, have suffered damage on their surface, fixing systems, etc. and that – due to their condition – cannot reach the required quality and/or piece of work.

We also repair those sleeves that, having become obsolete, may be recycled into a useful development recovering an immobilized asset.

The following are the most common repair work of sleeves and bridge sleeves:

  • Surface grinding and polishing: Whenever the piece size makes it possible, a surface grinding and polishing is carried out to obtain the original dimensional tolerance values.‫
  • Surface Recoating: the damaged surface layer is removed and replaced by a new one made of epoxy-based material. The surface is grinded and polished to get the original dimensional tolerance values.
  • Metal notch: the damaged notch is placed or replaced by a new one.
  • Core Adjustment: the flexible central tube is filled or enlarged to get a right sliding during mounting / demounting. Some parts enter loosely, almost without air pressure, but sometimes it is necessary a great force to place them and eventually we end up hitting the piece, causing damage and troubles such as set-up time, quality and printing speed.
  • Metal Protective Ring: A protector ring is placed or replaced to avoid damages to the core during the mounting of Sleeves and Bridge Sleeves.
  • Sleeve Resizing: The external layer is roughed down or filled with epoxy material to reach a new development. Then the surface is grinded and polished to get the original dimensional tolerance values.