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Bridge Sleeve made of epoxy-based carbon fiber and fiberglass.
Excellent dimensional stability and very low weight due to the alveolar design developed for high thicknesses.

Main Properties

    • Optimized version of the Statcyl Bridge Sleeve with improvements in the conduction of the static electricity. In combination with the Statcyl sleeves enables the proper discharge of the static electricity that is generated during the printing process.
    • Resistant to aggressive solvents. Total encapsulation, avoids the absorption of solvents and humidity. This feature also enables the in situ cleaning with solvents in printers that offer this service.
    • The exclusive Alveolar Structure confers the product an optimal balance between robustness, stability and low weight.
      • Suitable for high-speed printing due to the monolithic design, excellent attachment and optimal cushioning properties of the internal elastomer layer.
      • Smooth mounting and excellent attachment to the printer shaft.
      • Optimal surface air distribution that enables an easy mounting / demounting of the sleeves without compromising a proper attachment to the bridge sleeve.